petek, 15. april 2011

Thursday, 14.4.2011

Today (and yesterday) i receive covers which you can see here:
First you can see beautiful cover which arrived from USA. Thanks so much Mary! I love these post related stamps  :)

Here is cover from Australia. Isn't it great? I love sea, so it's perfect for me ;) Thanks so much Naomi!

This cover flight to me from Portugal. It's FDC of Centenary of Agricultural bank. Thanks so much Sam!

Minna sent me nice handmade Finland cover. Thanks! 

Tanya from Belarus send me this nice cover. Thanks!

From Germany i get this cover which send me Norbert. Thanks!

From Canada i receive nice cover with sunflower stamps from Slavko. Thanks!

From Switzerland i get this cover. Thanks Diana! 

And last was beautiful card of San Francisco with lot of great stamps! Thanks to Michael.

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