sreda, 27. julij 2011

Next round of nice covers!

This is my first cover from KAZAKHSTAN! I LOVE IT! It has EUROPA CEPT forst stamps and scout stamps! THANKS so much Natalia!

This cover comes from Japan. Thanks to Nannie! :)

Lei sent me another cover from Taiwan. Thanks!

From Japan i get also this great cover. Thanks Maika! :)

And the last cover was from USA. Thanks Jessica! :)

petek, 15. julij 2011

Few great covers from last month...

Hello again! After busy time i finally manage to take some time and put some great covers here.
Here you can see very nice cover which came from France. Postmark is so nice. Thanks so much Daniel!

Forest cover flight to me from Argentina. Thank you German so much! 

This is my first cover ever which come from Macau! :D Thank you million times James from Taiwan! :))))

From Japan i receive this fantastic cover from Megumi! :))) Thank you very much!

From Schwitzerland i get this sweet cover with stamp of Rainbow Fish. Thank you Sara!

And last cover here was sent from Indonesia! Thanks so much Shinta for this cover! :)))

torek, 31. maj 2011

Cover from last few days

I receive my first chain cover, which travelled in Europe countries. Thanks to all participants: Lisa, Coniglio and Zasa! 

Cristina from Brazil send me amazing cover with many beautiful stamps! Muito obrigado! 

Next mail arrived from Denmark. Suzan thanks for cover with Europa CEPT stamp! 

Eleonore from France sent me 2 nice covers! On first you can see France & Andora Europa CEPT stamps, on second cover are stamps related to forests. Thanks Eleonore! :)

From Indian friend Saujanya i receive SO NICE cover! Thanks!

Next cover was from Japan friend Sumie. Isn't it nice? Thanks Sumie!

Other cover from Japan was sent by Mayumi! I love this cover! Thanks!

From China i receive this nice cover! Thanks Zhong! :)

From Hungary i receive this beautiful cover with many stamps! Thanks Karr!

Matteo from Italy has sent this nice cover. Thanks! 

From France i receive green cover with forest Europa stamp. Thanks Sylvie!

From Russia i received 2 covers. First was from Anastasia! Thanks for so nice flower cover!

Dmitry has send me beautiful forest cover! Thanks so much!

And last mail has arrived from Polska! Look this nice Europa cept stamp on cover! Thanks Krzysztof! :)

And i receive birthday present from Mayumi! THANKS!

nedelja, 22. maj 2011

Friday 20.5.2011

On Friday i receive these fantastic covers. First was from Japan from Mayumi. Isn't it beautiful? Lunar stamps  are great! They also have numbers for lottery, hehe. And other 2 cartoon stamps are sweet. Thanks! :)

I receive mail from Arab Emirates! Here you can see nice Dubai card and stamps on it. Thanks Lila!

Jo from Vietnam send me 2 beautiful cards and nice sheet paper stamp and stamps on them. Great as always! Thanks Jo!

I receive amazing card from New Zealand!And look at stamps! Thanks so much Cherry!

From Czech i receive beautiful cover from Radim! Thanks! :)

And last cover arrived from Estonia. Thanks Triin! 

četrtek, 19. maj 2011

Mail from last 2 weeks :)

I was so busy last weeks, so i will put all received covers here :)

I receive 3 of my Chain Cards back. Here are photos:


I receive a lot of mail with EUROPA CEPT stamps of forest, witch is this year's theme.
First you can see stamps from Portugal. Thanks for them Paula!

Next mail come from Malta. Thanks Leena! :)

These are stamps from Italy. Thanks to Matteo! 

Sara from Switzerland send me these Europa stamps. Thanks!

From Czech Republic i get this cover with nice Europa stamp. Thanks Radim.

Susan from Germany sent me this Europa stamp. Thanks! :)

And last cover with stamps of forest stamp has come from Finland. Thanks Merja!

From Estonia i receive cover with many beautiful stamps. Thanks Triin! :)

Jutta from Finland sent me this cover. Thanks!

Ferro from Belgium sent me cute stamps on cover. Thanks!

James, who lives in Taiwan, send me so nice cover from Jersey! Yay! :D This is my first cover from here. THANKS SO MUCH! 

Irina from Lietuva sent me this cover with Europa 2009 stamp. Thanks!

Winnie from Taiwan sent me nice cover. Thanks!

Kim, also from Taiwan, send me this sweet cover with so many cute stamps! Round stamps are fantastic! THANKS!

Vickie sent me nice Taiwan cover too. Thanks!

Nurulhuda from Malaysia sent me 2 cute covers! I LOVE THEM! Thanks! :)

Sumie from Japan sent me also 2 really beautiful covers! :D Thanks!

Mayumi from Japan sent me this nice cover. Thanks! :)

Sju from Ukraine send me many nice stamps on this cover. THANKS! :D

Veronika from Russia sent me nice full stamped cover. Thanks!

From Mexico i receive amazing cover! Look it! Muchas gracias Ricardo! :D

Jelena from Croatia sent me this cover. Thanks.

Sylvie from France sent me red cover. THANKS! :)

And last cover was from USA from Heather. Thanks for so nice stamps :)