torek, 31. maj 2011

Cover from last few days

I receive my first chain cover, which travelled in Europe countries. Thanks to all participants: Lisa, Coniglio and Zasa! 

Cristina from Brazil send me amazing cover with many beautiful stamps! Muito obrigado! 

Next mail arrived from Denmark. Suzan thanks for cover with Europa CEPT stamp! 

Eleonore from France sent me 2 nice covers! On first you can see France & Andora Europa CEPT stamps, on second cover are stamps related to forests. Thanks Eleonore! :)

From Indian friend Saujanya i receive SO NICE cover! Thanks!

Next cover was from Japan friend Sumie. Isn't it nice? Thanks Sumie!

Other cover from Japan was sent by Mayumi! I love this cover! Thanks!

From China i receive this nice cover! Thanks Zhong! :)

From Hungary i receive this beautiful cover with many stamps! Thanks Karr!

Matteo from Italy has sent this nice cover. Thanks! 

From France i receive green cover with forest Europa stamp. Thanks Sylvie!

From Russia i received 2 covers. First was from Anastasia! Thanks for so nice flower cover!

Dmitry has send me beautiful forest cover! Thanks so much!

And last mail has arrived from Polska! Look this nice Europa cept stamp on cover! Thanks Krzysztof! :)

And i receive birthday present from Mayumi! THANKS!

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