sreda, 27. julij 2011

Next round of nice covers!

This is my first cover from KAZAKHSTAN! I LOVE IT! It has EUROPA CEPT forst stamps and scout stamps! THANKS so much Natalia!

This cover comes from Japan. Thanks to Nannie! :)

Lei sent me another cover from Taiwan. Thanks!

From Japan i get also this great cover. Thanks Maika! :)

And the last cover was from USA. Thanks Jessica! :)

petek, 15. julij 2011

Few great covers from last month...

Hello again! After busy time i finally manage to take some time and put some great covers here.
Here you can see very nice cover which came from France. Postmark is so nice. Thanks so much Daniel!

Forest cover flight to me from Argentina. Thank you German so much! 

This is my first cover ever which come from Macau! :D Thank you million times James from Taiwan! :))))

From Japan i receive this fantastic cover from Megumi! :))) Thank you very much!

From Schwitzerland i get this sweet cover with stamp of Rainbow Fish. Thank you Sara!

And last cover here was sent from Indonesia! Thanks so much Shinta for this cover! :)))