četrtek, 28. april 2011

Thursday, 28.4.2011

I receive so nice handmade cover from Russia. Thanks Daria!

Fantastic cover arrived from India! Thanks Saujanya! 

Next arrived FDC for this year EUROPA CEPT stamps from Belarus. Thanks so much Konstantin! Aren't these stamps and postmark amazing?

From Japan i receive really nice cover as always! Thanks my friend Ayako!

From Brazil i receive 2 beautiful covers! Muito obrigada Antonio Fernando!

From Malaysia i get so nice card with many beautiful stamps. Thanks Nurulhuda!

And from Russia i receive this cover from Daria. Thanks!

torek, 26. april 2011

Friday, 22.4.2011

I receive nice exotic bird cover from Indonesia. Thanks Basora!

From Malaysia i receive card with beautiful mini sheet paper stamp. Thanks Nurulhuda!

Sorin from Romania sent me really nice cover with peony mini sheet paper stamp. Thanks!

From Spain i receive my first EUROPA CEPT 2011 stamp. This year is theme for this edition FORESTS. Thanks to Amelia!

This card with many nice stamps arrived from China! Thanks metroandro. 

And last cover arrived from Finland. Thanks Auli!

sreda, 20. april 2011

Tuesday, 19.4.2011

I receive so great FDC from Taiwan! Isn't this mini sheet paper with butterflies so beautiful? Thanks so much James!

From Czech Republic i receive this nice cover. Thanks to Radim! 

From Finland i get beautiful cover from Tanja. Thanks!

Oxana from Russia sent me this cover. Thanks!

From long journey from China i get this nice cover from Vivian. Thanks!

And last one was this nice card from Vietnam with great mini sheet paper stamp. Thanks so much Jo!

petek, 15. april 2011

Thursday, 14.4.2011

Today (and yesterday) i receive covers which you can see here:
First you can see beautiful cover which arrived from USA. Thanks so much Mary! I love these post related stamps  :)

Here is cover from Australia. Isn't it great? I love sea, so it's perfect for me ;) Thanks so much Naomi!

This cover flight to me from Portugal. It's FDC of Centenary of Agricultural bank. Thanks so much Sam!

Minna sent me nice handmade Finland cover. Thanks! 

Tanya from Belarus send me this nice cover. Thanks!

From Germany i get this cover which send me Norbert. Thanks!

From Canada i receive nice cover with sunflower stamps from Slavko. Thanks!

From Switzerland i get this cover. Thanks Diana! 

And last was beautiful card of San Francisco with lot of great stamps! Thanks to Michael.

sreda, 13. april 2011

Monday, 12.4.2011

I receive so many beautiful mails today. Firstly you can see my card which had a short journey around the world!

If you want to join this fun visit this site on postcrossing forum:

First cover is from Spain! Muchas gracias Amelia.

From Estonia i receive nice cover from Ellgee. Thanks!

Sorin sent me cover from Romania. Thanks!

From The Netherlands i receive so nice cover from Suzanne! Thanks!

Next cover arrived from Malaysia! Isn't it so beautiful? I love spices! Thanks Nurulhuda! 

From Canada fly to me this nice cover! Thanks Jaime! 

In my mailbox i found postcard from exotic FIJI!!! You can also see stamp on this card. Thanks so much Ilona. You must really enjoy. 

Natalia from Russia sent me this nice cover. Thanks!

Veronika, also from Russia, sent me beautiful cover. Thanks!

Russian stamps are so nice. Olga sent me this cover. Thanks!

Valerie from Russia sent me this beautiful cover. Thanks!

And last mail was also from big Russia. Maria sent me cover with mini sheet stamp. Thanks! 

četrtek, 07. april 2011

Thursday, 7.4.2011

Today i receive so nice mail from Finland. Here you can see cover with Moomin stamp and postcard in the shape of teeshirt! Cute isn't it? Päivi thanks!

Next mail was from Canada. Flower cover is cute! Thanks Ange! :)

This cover arrived from The Netherlands! Thanks Peggy! 

And the last was sent from America. Thanks Gabriela!