sreda, 13. april 2011

Monday, 12.4.2011

I receive so many beautiful mails today. Firstly you can see my card which had a short journey around the world!

If you want to join this fun visit this site on postcrossing forum:

First cover is from Spain! Muchas gracias Amelia.

From Estonia i receive nice cover from Ellgee. Thanks!

Sorin sent me cover from Romania. Thanks!

From The Netherlands i receive so nice cover from Suzanne! Thanks!

Next cover arrived from Malaysia! Isn't it so beautiful? I love spices! Thanks Nurulhuda! 

From Canada fly to me this nice cover! Thanks Jaime! 

In my mailbox i found postcard from exotic FIJI!!! You can also see stamp on this card. Thanks so much Ilona. You must really enjoy. 

Natalia from Russia sent me this nice cover. Thanks!

Veronika, also from Russia, sent me beautiful cover. Thanks!

Russian stamps are so nice. Olga sent me this cover. Thanks!

Valerie from Russia sent me this beautiful cover. Thanks!

And last mail was also from big Russia. Maria sent me cover with mini sheet stamp. Thanks! 

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